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Aug 15, 2009 5:00am EDT
: james traficant is getting out of jail. plus karl rove, tucker carlson and premier of our "sleen-in panel." americans are outraged by the health care bill. the daily presidential tracking poll has the approval rating at a negative eight with those who strongly disapprove of his performance outnumbing those who strongly approve. the president continues. he is living in his own radical bubble. today he had another one of those town hall events where there was wide public support for nanny-state health care and lots of love, praise and support for the annointed one, the president of the united states. and here are some scenes from the president's town hall from earlier today in montana. >> that is for all. [applause] >> thank you, montana. thank you. [applause] sean: nobody in the president's make-believe world rkts they don't like guns very much in montana, do they? >> i'm a proud n.r.a. member. [applause] >> i believe in our constitution and it's a very important thing. sean: i think four people clapped. did you hear the crickets chirping even though there are people in montana wh
Aug 31, 2009 4:00pm EDT
james traficant, may remember that name, set to be released wednesday from a federal prison. the nine-term democrat served seven years in prison after being convicted of racketeering and bribery. he now faces seven years probation. the wild hair contributed to the off-beat reputation including polyester suits and "star trek" references on the health floor. he's only the second member since the civil war to be kicked out for unethical behavior. that's it for now. suzanne, got some more coming up for you in just a bit, but i'll leave it there for now. see you soon. >> all right. thanks, t.j. >>> well, many people are fleeing for fear of their lives. california it s ablaze from one part of the state to another, and we're going to get a bird's eye view of the raging fire. helicopter pilot j.t.alpaw is here, and it could be hell in a tropical paradise. there are hurricane warnings for a popular tourist destination. (announcer) everything you need to take a breather on long trips. residence inn. (announcer) everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn. >>> you're in "th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)